JM#210 – Isoebel

Isoebel has been a fixture on Jaeger’s dance floors for as long as we can remember. She would often be found on the dance floor, indiscriminately taking in everything from monstrous House music to deep journeys through truly eclectic selections. In recent years she’s made the move from the dance floor to the DJ booth, and we’re told it’s not her first foray into DJing.

Recently she’s played regularly alongside Prins Thomas for her regular visits to Jaeger sauna for Double Trouble as well as making impromptu visits to Oslo’s other club destinations. When she is not in the booth she’s in front of it dancing to the sounds of our other residents and guests a like.

Isoebel makes her debut on the Jaeger Mix, with a mix that wouldn’t be out of place at Double Trouble, but clearly intended for the valentine’s day context. This one is for the lovers.  Her amorous selections dig deep with a balearic twist. Plastic rhythms from eighties drum machines and saccharine melodies run the gamut, setting the tone for an early dance floor and the perfect mood for the any listening party.

Hey Isoebel. You’re no stranger to Jaeger. What’s your history with the music and the culture?

Heey!  Retro on Thursdays w Daniel Gude.

I used to work in the wardrobe at The Villa back in 2010 I think. That was mainly my introduction to club culture and where I first fell in love with techno I guess. 

What music did you grow up listening to, and how has it changed since DJing?

I’m from Tårnåsen/Kolbotn and so black metal was quite present to me growing up, being influenced by Bands like Darkthrone and Mayhem from Langhus. But Hip hop was my life haha. I remember in middle school, it being so diverse – I just felt home. That’s when I started breaking actually and music like soul, funk and Jazz funk was a big part of it. I also grew up listening to Cyndi Lauper Enya and  Michael Jackson.

Hm, how has it changed, not really.. maybe not choosing black metal as my go to.

It’s only recently really that you’ve made the move from the dance floor to the DJ booth and behind a set of decks. What encouraged the move and what was it about DJing that you’ve found so appealing?

I actually started DJing back in 2008 at a student club in Kristiansand called Pir6 and a local pub named Rederiet where I would play old-school hip hop, funk, disco on Tuesdays with Stian Mikkelsen. I had a blast! Then years went by and hadn’t really had the courage to start djing again until my friends Suleman and Nima took over a club, and so I decided I had to be a part of it haha.

Since coming to the DJ booth, how has reality met with your expectations?

I try not to have any expectations. Just enjoy myself and not get too nervous.

Did you have any other physical interactions with music (producing or playing an instrument) earlier in your life?

I played the flute.

Prins Thomas has played a role in your journey and at your Double Trouble nights, you and he have been working together. What have you taken away from that experience, when he’s not getting in your way?

Drink a glass of wine and wine down haha. No, really he was definitely the one that gave me that push of security and reminded me of the playfulness and not to take things too seriously. Music is there to share and pass down, that’s what I’m doing.

I find some similarities to the kind of things I’ve heard at Double Trouble. Tell us a bit about the ideas behind this Jaeger Mix.

I was really glad it landed on the love day. And February being my month AND mothers day, just felt natural to include some love songs. 

I’ve seen you at Jaeger on so many different types of nights. From big room Techno to niche obscurities, you seem to take all of it in. I think that’s reflected in some regard in this mix too. What in the expansive reach of your musical tastes is always present in the music you want to play out?

Oh, definitely some elements from the 80-90 synth pop. 

Is there any aspect of your musical inclinations as a DJ that is not necessarily reflected in this mix?

Sure, I wouldn’t mind adding dub and drum and bass.

Is there a track here that sums up the rest of the mix for you?

Clio- Faces

A lot of the songs are older and not necessarily made with the DJ in mind. What is your relationship to these older pieces of music and how do you approach them within the context of a DJ mix (do you feel like you have to play the whole track, how do you go about mixing them etc..)?

I thought of the different love channels that constantly surrounded me when I used to live in the Philippines. Love ballads playing on the radio in the taxi, in the street corner on local bars  where guests sing love songs on karaoke ,”Mtv love songs”  etc. there’s just something vividly nostalgic and sometimes theatrical romantic about older songs that I enjoy. I just know I want to include them in my mix and try to work my way around it  not to think too much on how haha. I will gladly play the whole track rather than cutting it too short, and a lot of times mixing older pieces kinda destroys the magic for me. Plus I don’t mix well.

This was recorded pretty early in the night, when the dance floor was just filling up. How would it differ from a set at peak time, when you and Thomas are going back to back?

Haha, I guess pitching up at one point would be natural, but then, why in a hurry? Everything seems to  go so fast nowadays.

We’ve got you and Thomas back in the booth towards the end of March. Anything else happening on the gig front that we need to know about?

Warming up for Frank Znort in April, that will be fun.

Are there any aspirations outside of the DJ booth in terms of music for the moment?

I would love to sing more.