Øyvind Morken appears on Vodkast

Øyvind Morken recorded a mix for the Vodkast crew out of Tbilisi.

A while back Øyvind Morken played Horoom in Tbilisi for the Vodkast record label night. Horoom / Bassiani have been in the news a lot of late and it seems on all accounts that they are turning the tables on their battle against the conservative authoritarian forces  at work in Georgia trying to do away with places like Bassiani. Vodkast is one of the institutions in Georgia currently leading the charge, as one of the only labels and record shops distributing the sounds of electronic music in the region.

Øyvind Morken clearly made an impression and the label, record shop and club night asked him back to record a mix for their podcast series. Øyvind Morken is “strictly on a weirdo-wave-vibe with this one” with a mix that sounds much like the opening hours of his Untzdag residency. Down-beat with a psychedelic fusion of obscurities this mix was recorded to “get deeper acquainted with that monday blues” according to the DJ and a “dining room music mix” according to Vodkast.