Pirupa on the Web

The Internet. The Internet is a treasure trove of useful and useless information floating around in an ethereal cloud just waiting to be pounced on by some tiresome adolescent living in his ex-girlfriend’s basement with nothing better to do one Tuesday afternoon. Information about our favourite musicians and popular DJs are particularly bountiful and can range anywhere from a thoughtfully constructed biography to their most worrisome guilty pleasures – perhaps part of the reason many of them don’t to do interviews anymore. With that in mind I fire up Deloris, my midnight companion in my lonely hovel, also known as a computer and set to work to find out more about the guest joining us at Jæger for Frædag, Pirupa. The Italian producer and DJ has been making waves in clubland since 2007, gracing many charts and event listings throughout Europe. His sound can be described as floating somewhere between the richly rewarding plains of Tech-House and Minimal, which has found its way on labels like Desolat, Defected and his own Nonstop records with titles like Party Non Stop and Fireworks. Tracks like those have seen him grace many booths from Ministry of Sound in London to Space in Ibiza. His success both in the studio and the dance floor has seen him chart at #11 of  RA’s Top100 Most Charted Artists of 2010, but did you know…

Pirupa is his surname

His full name is Piero Pirupa according to Resident Advisor.

He was an upholsterer 

Before Pirupa became a successful touring artist and DJ he used to work in his father’s furniture store according to an interview with Defected. He deserted the furniture business and abandoned his father in 2009 with good cause when Sweet Devil and Get Funky propelled him to number one in the overall Beatport chart and kickstarted a career in music which has lasted to this day and includes many more number one positions.

Beatport used to be relevant

It was during 2009, when Beatport were still in their infancy and still paid their artists that they made a significant contribution to clubland, by bringing the underground to the foreground allowing truly independent artists and labels to make an impression without the logistical and expensive nightmare that was vinyl during those years. Charts and especially artist charts, which were more exclusive back then provided a great platform to discover new music based on individual tastes and a novel idea that has today, like pop music, eaten itself.

Pirupa doesn’t think highly Party Nonstop

Pirupa’s 2012 hit Party Nonstop might have charted in RA and propelled the DJs career to thew stratosphere, but in this very awkward interview for Egg London, the Italian DJ debunks the success of the single as a fluke, and says it wasn’t “the best” track of that year for him.

Faux-leather white sofas were a thing in clubs once

Yes, as this video quite clearly shows they were and it wasn’t always very pleasant sitting in the pools of sweat of others.

Pirupa likes a vocal hook.

In the interview with Defected Pirupa also the says “best ‘ingredients’” to a song “would probably be a strong vocal hook, a fat and groovy bassline and/or a memorable synth/sound”. It’s an ideology he makes good on at least one occasion when he teamed up with Ninho for “Spin me Round”. The track features the memorable and infectious vocal hook taken from Dead or Alive’s “You spin me Round” alongside one of those fat and groovy basslines.

It takes 30 minutes to make a track

In an interview with Bizarre Culture, Pirupa gives us an insight into his working process for that track, and it apparently took 30 minutes to put the whole thing together, after inspiration hit with a visit to the beach in Ibiza. He jumped on his computer and had a rough version ready that night. “When I tried it that night people went completely mad!”

Ibiza is a chill place

Wherever we look on the web for Pirupa, there’s mention of Ibiza. According to a Pulse interview, he spends almost the entire season there and according to Q&A for DMC world if you spend your summers there, there is no reason to garner grudges.

Essentially Pirupa

Lets hand it over to the man of the hour then to sign off on Pirupa on the web with his Essential Mix, recorded in January this year and get a little taste of what’s coming our way tomorrow for Frædag vs Sunkissed, Ciao.