Daniel Gude

Daniel Gude is an ardent collector of music. From the obscure and rare to the more accessible and even popular, Daniel Gude has amassed a collection of records that spill over into the tens of thousands and loves nothing more than to share it with a packed dance floor. Through his DJ and event collectives Kids Love Bass and Kids Love Wax, he’s built a following in Oslo for those intrepid musical souls. As a resident at Jæger he continues to educate and entertain audiences with his extensive knowledge of music, through his weekly night RETRO, which taps into “Oslo’s biggest collection of vinyl”. Where Kids Love Bass looked to the future, RETRO looks to the past, but not as some nostalgic rose tinted view of better times, but rather to highlight and appreciate those reluctant underground figures that we owe so much of the dance floor too, many of which continue to tirelessly swim upstream in their pursuit to keep this culture alive. Daniel Gude in fact is just such a figure and every Thursday at Jæger through his selections he continues the narrative set in motion in Detroit, Chicago and New York, all those years ago. Past guests at RETRO include Todd Edwards, MK, Carl Craig, Danny Krivit, and Omar S, to name but a few, people that pushed the boundaries of known conventions and established their own avant garde in dance music subcultures. Through his efforts Daniel Gude has received international praise from an underground elite that has seen him play everywhere from intimate venues in Oslo to Dimensions festival.


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