Album of the Week: André Bratten – Gode

What is it: Avant garde electronica from Norway.
Who would play it: Celius | Oskar Pask | Herr R
When are you most likely to hear it: To ease you into the start of an evening.

As part of our refurbishments, we’ve done away with the impersonal iPod going through generic playlists, and made more than enough room for a record player. We’re getting back to the intimacy of listening to music, through the very personal act of putting a needle on the record. But we’re not merely content with the records we have and want our record collection to evolve and grow with us and the music, and to do that we’ll be introducing an album of the week to add to our collection.  

To inaugurate the series we have André Bratten with his seminal sophomore LP, Gode. If Aphex Twin were to find himself in the tundra Gode is the record that would rock him into that blissful eternal sleep. Hiding behind the innocent title is an album of formidable force that can go from the beatific siren song of “Cascade of Events” to the ferocious determination of “Math Ilium ion” all finding their place in the meta narrative of the album and marking André Bratten’s next development as an artist.