We are Jaeger

An intimate club nestled in the heart of the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Ours is a sonic manifesto lifted straight from the disco provocateurs of the seventies, and an expansive understanding of house and techno. We are one foot firmly in the future, the other anchored in the past and our debt to the pioneering dance music scenes. We would not be, if not for New York Garage, Chicago House and Detroit Techno. But we are also restless souls.

Oslo might be far removed from the place and time that gave birth to the music we love. We have not equally felt the pressures brought down on the LGBTQI scenes that spawned many of the legendary clubs we aspire to, nor do we know entirely the race, poverty and identity issues experienced by the many African-American, Latino and others who formed the base of this vanguard. But we are not foreign to this history as we seek to carry on the ideals that our culture embody.

In Oslo too, we need spaces to breathe, and to break from the mundane – pursuits that inject life into the dull drums of everyday life. Our aim is always to be the place we would like to be at ourselves. And in this process attract the like-minded, in an attempt to enrich the human experience through music and community.
Jaeger is a space in constant flux, as we seek to adopt Levan’s proclivity towards constant evolution, even in the minutiae, with Mancuso’s desire for purity. We trust our instincts and experiment constantly. As such, the iconic rotating dj booth, the courtyard sauna booth, the singular metal toilets, and the intimate cabin space of our basement – all these are just chapters on a winding road.

Ours shall be an open attitude to our guests, one that negates exclusivity in pursuit of a social democratic experience. At the expense perhaps of codes and secrets, we are a not one corner of this city, but all corners of Oslo. And though we might not be for everyone, we seek to free ourselves from the autocratic nature of exclusivity, while at the same time offering a safe-haven for anybody and everybody.

Jaeger is a window to the world, with a long and growing list of international guests. Yet our beating heart will always be our residents and our staff. Every night of the week has her own slant and interpretation on the music we love, surveying the landscape from Afro-Beat to Techno. And each night has her own dedicated crew, many of them artists who have been with us from the start. Along with the people in the bar, the brave on the door, the glass collectors, the cleaners and the office, these people are our core. But without the all the good people who join us each night, we would be incomplete.

Together we are Jaeger.


*See our program page for more about our events and residencies.