Album of the week: Gundelach – Gundelach

What is it: Sweet falsetto vocals over lush electronics
Who would play it: Olefunken | Herr R
When are you most likely to hear it: At the start of the evening, at the first touch of the light dimmer.

From the moment of inception “Spiders” sets the tone for an album with music that speaks to a visceral core within the listener. Gundelach’s self-tilted debut favours a sweet blend of sonorities where his falsetto vocal is given the space to gestate amongst icy electronics and the slow pulsing rhythm of a sweltering day. He finds a pop-informed sound in the more adventurous corners of electronic music and with Joel Ford’s (Ford and Lopatin) experienced hand at the production controls, Kai Gundelach finds a place where they can co-exist like they did for Autre Ne Vuet.

This music, which we know from past interviews exist out of impromptu jam sessions, carry the initial emotive extemporisations all the way through the studio where they are allowed to grow and refine to impart some of that feeling to the listener on the other end in a grandiose gesture. The music plays in a sombre aesthetic, but in Kai’s voice and the upbeat chord progressions of tracks like “Space Echo” we find a glimmer of light, like those first rays warming up the earth on a spring morning. It’s a short LP, but something stays with you long after the dry echoes and delay depart from the Gundelach’s sonic world.