Album of the Week: Jawn Rice – Highlights

Jawn Rice’s debut studio album, Highlights takes the Mutual Intentions crew on a slight detour at the end of a year that has seen their catalogue expand exponentially with a host of memorable releases. Released on the Mutual Intentions label, Jawn Rice traverses the depths of House for his latest release Highlights. Combining elements of R&B, Soul and Funk in the collage-like MI tradition, Jawn Rice’s energies focus closer to the contemporary dance floor with 4/4 kicks and syncopated hats dictating a groove for minimalist House textures.

Slinky bass-lines glisten up and down between the percussive beats pulsing at an effervescent tempo. Jawn Rice keeps things tame with full, warm chords inspiring a fireside mood throughout the 9 tracks. Going from the eighties synthesised Funk of “Lovin U” featuring K-Maxx’s soulful vocal to the more thread-bare House of “Beats & Vibrations”, Highlights’ range is quite wide, even though  Jawn Rice keeps his sonic palette pretty focussed on the machines. Drum machines and synthesisers make a detour from the mutual Intentions crew’s more sample-based production in the way of Fredfades or Ol Burger beats.

2017 has certainly been Mutual Intentions’ year in Norway, delivering time and time again, and in this release from Jawn Rice they end of the year on a cliff hanger, showcasing yet another side to their endearing kaleidoscopic musical universe.