Album of the week: Jayda G – Significant Changes

Jayda G makes the transition from DJ/producer to album artist on”Significant Changes” as she takes those essential soul, funk and disco influences and channels them in to an artistic document that stays close to the dance floor. Jayda G has been a prominent figure on the international DJ circuit,as one of the most exuberant and friendliest selectors around. Her effervescent presence in the booth and cheery disposition is infectious as she strings together Disco and House for vivacious young audiences.

Her singles and EPs for the likes of Freakout Cult and 1080p put a contemporary spin on the vast expanse of her record bag, with a penchant for delicate electronic textures and deep, visceral rhythms leaving their mark on modern House music over the last five years. In what has become something of a tradition at Ninja Tune, the UK label have snapped up the artist at the height of her popularity and sent her into the studio to record her debut LP.

Jayda G harnesses the spirit of the Paradise Garage and Larry Levan on her debut LP with a kaleidoscopic view of her open record bag. Elements of Funk, Soul, Disco and modern House sit side by side across the record as Jayda G harnesses familiar tropes to create evocative threads to their origins. Featuring the same DIY sonic aesthetic that she’s crafted across her previous records, Jayda G re-affirms her sound time and time again on this record, but offers a wider perspective of that sound as something that can live beyond the dance floor.

“Stanley’s Get Down (No parking on the DF)” is a stomper nonetheless and comes with a clarion call from Jayda’s spoken vocal channeling the voices of Disco greats to get off your phone and enjoy the dance floor. Long time Jayda G collaborator Alexa Dash contributes her powerful vocals to “Leave Room 2 Breathe” and “Sunshine in the Valley” for two soulful cuts that imbibe the spirit of Robin S and Gloria Gaynor with a modern perfunctory twist through Jayda’s streamlined productions.

Jayda G doesn’t break any new or unfamiliar ground as an artist on her debut LP, but for the first time there seems to be more of concise thread between her recent DJ sets and the music she’s making producing, consolidating a sound that seems like it will only mature as she develops it further in future releases.