Album of the Week: Lucy – Self Mythology

What is it: Avant Garde Techno.
Who would play it:  Jokke| O/E
When are you most likely to hear it: As the first rays of the sun start creeping back over the horizon.

Occupying the space somewhere between ambience and Techno, Lucy’s third album Self – Mythology draws a new line in the sand for club music. For the Stroboscopic Artefacts label head, who’s rarely content in remaining musically stagnant, Self-Mythology shows the tireless innovator take us one step beyond the club dance floor to a higher state of conscious. Trading in the pounding industrialised percussion of Techno for the subtleties of a hollow drum, Lucy has taken Techno out of the club and into the jungle. At the heart of this Lucy album, like every other piece of Lucy’s work, is a focus on sound design with the producer venturing further into the manipulations of exotic instruments, where they get all that much closer to the rapturous improvised sounds of a modular synthetic palette.

In this album Lucy’s created some kind of hybrid world where city landscapes are transformed into new environments for spiritual transcension where the erstwhile exoticism of music from foreign regions go hand in hand with the driving pulse of the city. A track like “a selfless act” with its plucked midnight strings or “a circular membrane” with its ritualistic dancing percussion occupy the same space as a track like “meetings with remarkable entities” with it’s synthetic sonic atmosphere that morphs and mutates under the strain of human influence. It all results in an album as an intricate listening experience that refuses to be labelled as anything other than a Lucy album, and  hints at an artist whose constantly evolving against popular, trend-informed waves of music to toe his own line. You can read a more in-depth review of the album here from me and watch a recent RA Session from the artist above.