Album of the Week: Masselys – High Fantasy Low Fantasy

Masselys “High Fantasy Low Fantasy” is the album of the week.
After a superb show in our basement, this is one of the most exciting bands from Oslo. This band consists of Kjell Olav Jørgensen (drums), Bjarne Larsen (bass, guitar), Jomba (synth, gitar, fx), Jonas H. Dahl (guitar, bass, synth), Viviana Vega (vocals, guitar)

Masselys rose from the ashes of Oslo band Salvatore, thanks to key members Bjarne Larsen, Jon Birger ”Jomba” Wormdahl and Kjell Olav Jørgensen. And if you miss Salvatore’s electronic rock, Masselys is quite similar, just more danceable and catchy.

Even though Masselys started as a trio, they have incorporated the bass player from the uncrowned kings of Norwegian rock in 2006, 120 Days, now on guitar. In 2011 they were joined by multi-instrumentalist and poly-lingual vocalist Viviana Vega (Metronomicon Audio, WHALESHARKATTACKS).

High Fantasy Low Fantasy album is produced by Boris Willsdorf from Einstürzende Neubauten. This album has taken 8 years to finish up. Let the music talk for itself.

This can also be downloaded at Bandcamp: