Album of the Week: Roman Flügel – All the Right Noises

Roman Flügel does make all the right noises here on his latest album for the Lawrence & co, Dial imprint. His third studio album for the German  label, Roman Flügel has definitely found a rhythm at Dial that allows the freedom to develop and and experiment in his sonic aesthetic. Flügel’s percussive-based minimalist textures, featuring soft warm, timbres around the lower ends are clad in thin veils of icy electronics that create a sympathetic ambience throughout the whole album.

The track title “Warm and Dewy” is a great way to describe the entire album, and Flügel accomplishes that through a kind of sticky percussive and bass combination dragging its feet through the rhythm while ethereal, soft melodies bounce off their exterior into a sonic vacuum where they just tend to linger endlessly. There’s an obvious proximity to the dance floor with the steady pulse of kicks throughout the album, and the title track or “Dead Idols”  are ripe for club picks of the month, but the album’s true majesty lies in the penmanship of the tracks and how they come together in the meta narrative of the album. The effervescent bubbling electronics of “Planet Zorg” and the longing melodic charm of “Life Tends To Come And Go” instil a sense of completion to the work, creating a flow from the first subtle chords of “Fantasy” to the last strokes of the keys on the final track.