Album of the Week: Telephones – Vibe Telemetry

Telephones infects a palpable sense of fun in the music through a Disco aesthetic he masterfully manipulates like a comic strip narrative for the purpose of pleasure. There’s the obvious dance floor perspective in his music, but it’s something the music arrives at without a clear agenda, a mere by-product of its approachable nature. His music is something that can pass from a set to your headphones and after a few EP’s on Full Pupp, Sex Tags, Love on the Rocks and Running Back, it can finally be heard on the album format with “Vibe Telemetry”.

“Vibe Telemetry” continues where “The Ocean Called” EP left off calling on elements of Disco, House, Synth and Afrobeat focussed on a very distinct album narrative. There’s a uniformity that exists between the songs where at times it might be hard to believe there existed any at all. From “Sierra’s” punchy four on the floor introduction, to “Data Jungle’s” textured field recordings and “Mezcal Eclipse’s” House-piano refrain, everything finds a place and in the melee the results are evocative and memorable.

There’s a reckless abandon that’s imparted on to the listener and in the presence of “Vibe Telemetry” Telephones certainly relays a tone and a mood, that has some correlation to his work in the booth, where hedonistic pleasures are translated into intuitive melodic pieces and polyrhythmic suites. It is like he is telepathically transmitting a “vibe” through the speakers, a vibe that has been grafted from the party to the album format, and by pure coincidence also brings across in today’s contribution for the RA mix.