Album of the Week: Trus’me – Planet 4

What is it: Analogue electronica from outer space.
Who will play it: Dj Nuhhh | Oskar Pask | Willie Burns
When are you most likely to hear it: Deep into the darkness of the set.

Trus’me’s newest album, Planet 4 hints at a simpler time, when man first encountered machine and opened up to a harmonious world that led to the Rubiks cube and Lycra. The album plays on retro futuristic themes of our closest celestial body Mars, spinning around subjects like conspiracy theories and water on a lifeless planet expressed through a minimalists machine aesthetic. There’s some reference here to the early Electro and Techno pioneers like Jeff Mills and Model 500, but never extends to anything more than a respectful nod. Planet 4 is firmly installed in the present with tracks like “Dark Flow” and “Here and Now” featuring the kind of deep, House-leaning sound we’ve come to know from the Prime Number’s boss.

But on the whole it’s tracks like “The Unexplained” and “Our Future” that propel Trus’me into new uncharted territory, if not a completely new direction. It has perhaps something to do with where the album was recorded, the Analogue Cabin – a studio Jæger could find some affinity with, we’re sure – that made the British talent pursue that particular sonic aesthetic on the album, the machines appearing like they steer the course of the album as much as the artist behind the work. It’s something quite unique from this artist none the less and that’s why we’ve chosen it as our album of the week.