Album of the week: Various Artists – My Love is Underground 16

What is it: A selection deep-house dance floor cuts from Jeremy Underground’s label.
Where have I heard it: Rumbling out of the bottom end of our Funktion system.

For this album of the week we travel to deepest subterranean depths of our basement floor where the lowest rumbles of those new 21″ subs are at their most profound. My Love is Underground 16 features a host of established and new House artists that personify Jeremy Underground’s values for this music and his label. Featuring soulful chord progressions, abstract vocal samples and nods to the roots of this music – most notably on Ebony Cuts’ “Disco Credit” – the tracks just scream out to the dance floor, but feel right at home pitched down through a low-slung stereo system.

Like all the other MLIU cuts, there’s a rawness to the tracks featured on this compilation, a sort of naked candidness that doesn’t hide behind any flashy tricks, and just cuts to the bone of this music. From Hugo LX’s eloquent Rhodes-chord House progressions to Telefon Dons’ stripped-back percussion, there’s an unembellished honest quality that ties all the music together. They cut through all the unnecessary egotistical appendages that took this music to the larger stage, and take House music back to its roots, travelling to the deepest core of House music through 808’s, Juno Basslines and the staccato el. piano stabs.