Album of the Week: Yogisoul – By Nights

What is it: Jazzy Hip Hop for summer’s evening.
Who will play it: Fredfades | MC Kaman
When are you most likely to hear it: On a dusky Friday afternoon.

Peaking through hazy broken Rhodes chords and dusty hip-hop beats is Yogisoul’s debut making an appearance in our record collection as our album of the week. The Mutual Intentions affiliate roped in a few friends for this album with Ivan Ave,  Awon, and Kristoffer Eikrem making an appearance amongst tracks that combine jazzy samples alongside viscerally moving instrumentals that seep with the humidity of a city in the heat of summer’s evening. It’s an album that loiters more than it progresses, and what Yogisoul and his various production partners achieve on this album is a mood. Lyrics  often fall tease at some nostalgic reverie, talk of summer loves and future conquests with the reserve optimism of an adolescent with his entire ahead in front of him to strengthen the theme of the record. There’s no narcissistic spew about personal wealth or talent, but rather just a confidence in the lyrics that highlight a maturity in Yogisoul’s creative expression, while often alluding to a hidden playfulness. By Nights offer’s the ray of sunshine in our week and here’s hoping that if we play it enough times, the weather will follow.