Bassiani set up Donation Fund for legal battle

Tbilisi club Bassiani /Horroom has set up a donation page to help with their legal costs in the fight to remain open.

The fate of Bassiani’s future in the Georgian capital still hangs in the balance after a police raid on the club two weeks ago in response to alleged drug deaths at the venue and night club. The raid, in which eight drug dealers were arrested, resulted in a protest outside of the Georgian parliament in which thousands gathered for an impromptu street rave organised by the White Noise movement, a movement dedicated to relaxing the country’s strict drug laws.

After surmounting pressure from the public, the interior affairs minister was forced to apologise and the protest dispersed peacefully, with promises of investigating the incident at Bassiani and a renewed process of “working on liberalization of strict drug policies and the return of the club”, according to Bassiani’s Facebook page.

“Despite the negotiations, none of the agreed conditions have been fulfilled” says Bassiani and the club remains closed. Over the weekend they’ve set up a donation page “to help retain BASSIANI / HOROOM & HOROOM NIGHTS team and venue, to prepare a legal battle and stop the state oppression.”

You can donate here, and Jæger will also be making its own contribution with more details to follow shortly.