Dave Harrington Group Pure Imagination, No Country World Tour Mix

Dave Harrington curates a mix ahead of the Pure Imagination, No Country tour this summer.

Dave Harrington has put a mix together “in anticipation” of his upcoming tour with the Dave Harrington Group.” He’s assembled some tracks  “sourced form the places we’ll be playing—Norwegian prog-jazz, German minimal reworks, British guitar skronk, Russian juke, 90’s French straight-ahead jazz, California acid-testers, and a little downtown NYC” according to the soundcloud link, a little something to whet the appetite for the Pure Imagination, No country tour. The tour which kicks off on the 10th of June in St Petersburg will be stopping at Jaeger for PiP Natt on the 13th with Dave Harrington Group making their second appearance in our basement in as many years.

The mix is an extensive journey through Dave Harrington’s vast musical influences, from Ricardo Villalobos to The Grateful Dead. It’s a psychedelic tenure through Jazz and experimental electronica, defragmenting the various elements that make up Dave Harrington Group’s sound.

The tour follows Dave Harrington Group’s second LP, Pure imagination, No Country after he and Nicholas Jaar disbanded as Darkside. The ensuing LPs and the tours saw Dave Harrington focus all his attention on this new project, which on Pure Imagination, No Country he has been established around a core group of musicians, namely Andrew Fox and Samer Ghadry and key collaborators like Lars Horntveth from Jagga Jazzist.

You’ll find more details about the upcoming event here, and look out for an upcoming feature on Dave Harrington on our blog arriving soon