Eight of Eight with Alex.Do

Alex.Do has always perpetuated a kind of shadowy presence in Techno, bordering on obscurity, but yet very familiar to those who walk the road less travelled. As a DJ and an artist, those who’ve come to know the Berliner, expect a stripped back minimal sound that thrives in the darker corners of the dance floor and treads that fine line between House and Techno effortlessly. It’s a sound that has found a home at Dystopian, the Rødhad label that embodies the spirit of JG Ballard and George Orwell’s most disconcerted fantasies and although Alex.Do has also featured on other esteemed labels like Life and Death, Dystopian is his spiritual home. With two releases under his belt at Dystopian, including the critically acclaimed Stalker EP it’s within that crew that he continues to carve out a niche career as a DJ and a producer.

He’s constantly on the move from one gig to the next and when he’s not in a booth he’s in a studio, very rarely taking a beat to field questions. As such very little is known about the artist, but with his imminent arrival in Oslo this weekend for Frædag x Amenta, we were told we could send him some questions on the grounds that were kept to a minimum. So we put eight questions together in an attempt to find out as much as possible through the shortest possible methods.

First off, what’s your earliest memory of a musical experience that peaked your interest in the art form?

I think it the moment when I went for the first time into a nightclub and discovered the nightlife of Berlin. I said to myself that I wanted to understand how DJs create these atmospheric moments. That’s how it all started I guess.

Is there any song or musician that particularly influenced your decision to start making music yourself?

No not really to be honest. It was the whole thing that influenced me. There were plenty of musicians and moments that were important to me.

How would you describe your sound for the uninitiated?

As something you could lose yourself to – in a positive way. I really like to create a certain undertow, which could suck you in.

Which musical instrument is central to your creative processes and how do you think it affects your work?

I guess it’s the Roland SH-101. I think I’m using this machine in every track in this or that way.

Where does your musical tastes and work in the production chair find even ground and how do they relate to your DJ sets?

How exactly have you found a mutual spirit in Dystopian and how do you see your role in that family?

Actually we all knew each other before the whole thing even started and at some point Rødhåd asked me if I want to join the crew.

How do you think the label affects your work and your DJ sets?

Of course I play our own releases so I guess there is a definite influence to my DJ sets.

If you had to sum up what to expect from your DJ set at Jæger through one track, what would it be?