Daniel Troberg

Nightflight x LYD: Daniel Troberg + Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract | Daniel Troberg | MC Kaman & Kash 

The man behind one of the most essential drum machines of our modern era graces us with his presence. Daniel Troberg joins Olle for another Lyd session.  Olle Abstract curates a night of music between the stage and the booth with a host of new- and established Norwegian music acts as he segues a soundtrack from new Norwegian sounds to the great beyond as accompaniment. The DJ and radio host has a finger firmly on the pulse of this music, playing through the unadulterated classics of House music to the latest from Norwegian shores. He counterpoints MC Kaman playing a heady onslaught of guilty pleasures for the steppers at Nightflight.

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Sauna:  Olle Abstract + Daniel Troberg
Basement: MC Kaman & Kash



This event is free for personal assistants with the display of a valid “ledsagerbevis”.

Daniel Troberg (dublab/Kokong Åland)

Troberg was involved with Swedish music hardware manufacturer Elektron for over 20 years and is considered one of the masterminds behind the Octatrack dynamic performance sampler. Today he resides in Los Angeles and works with synthesizer manufacturer ASM based in Hong Kong and consults for a variety of MI brands. He also has his own radio show called Transition on LA’s Dublab radio station. Troberg has previously worked under the pseudonyms Erase and The Player during the early 2000’s and ran the vinyl only label Electromechanix. Today he runs the label Sonidosys, releasing his own music. The musical styles ranges from acid and techno, to electro and ambient. He has released music on Acidchicken, Palette, Acid Lamour, Detroit Underground, Facets, Stilleben, TE, Full Volume Agency, and Red Handed Records. Troberg also produces music for videos and various media projects, most recent work includes compositions for Scandinavian Butoh performer Frauke and video artist Sarah Schmidt.


Olle Abstract

He’s a nonpartisan tastemaker that is as comfortable in the company of the latest pop sensation as he is sampling the delicacies from House music’s more obscure origins. His monthly podcast, LYD in which he introduces us to new Norwegian music is an imperative part of our ongoing musical education at Jæger and when we do have the honour of his larger than life presence in our booth, we’re always amazed by the versatility of the DJ. His mixes burn through the rings of Space Disco, passes by the lunar stations of Afro-Beat, and gets sucked into the black-hole of acid into the furthest possible dimensions of House, Techno and Disco. 

MC Kaman

A larger than life figure and one of the proprietors of Oslo’s “hard core clubbing” (sic) institution, MC Kaman might play underground, but his sole purpose in life is cultivating a convivial atmosphere. His CD cases quite literally bulge with guilty pleasures and affable arrangements from the charts. There’s no musical taboo that MC Kaman is not willing to accommodate and the music he plays. There is no irony to be found in an MC Kaman set… only a good time in the company of good popular music. MC Kaman POPs!


Kashfa King Gashamura (aka Kash / kash king) is an actor, radio presenter and DJ, who has played a influenced many kyoung Norwegian’s core memories as a Children’s tv host. He’s a familiar face on the Norwegian cultural spectrum and as an actor he’s recognised both on stage and on screen. When he’s not in the public eye, he moonlights as a DJ, making this rare appearance alongside MC Kaman in our booth.