Experience Captain Credible’s Fantasy Mansion

Possibly the first EP to ever be released on PCB, Fantasy Mansion by Captain Credible has been installed Jæger this week for a preview. Part album preview, part art installation, part musical instrument, the album is now up at Jæger for your listening pleasure. Channeling elements of Aphex Twin and Otto Von Schirach, Captain Credible describes his music as “punk-electronica”. At times intense cacophony at other’s serene innocence, Fantasy Mansion is an EP that lives in its own dimension. “The physical manifestation of this EP is a circuit board with buttons, a light sensor and a headphone jack. This circuit board can be played as a musical instrument, and the user can easily compose his or her own melodies. It will also generate its own beats and melodies and even occasionally modify those made by the user. It will also synchronize to external hardware like drum machines or sequencers. This EP is therefore not a finished work, but instead a starting point for further experimentation and expression by the user.” The PCB will be up in our landing leading down to our basement, so bring a set of headphones and experience it for yourself, before it’s official release date on the 16th of June.