Filter Musikk residency at Jæger

Oslo electronic music specialist, Filter Musikk takeover Jæger’s basement this summer with an electronic music DJ line-up.

DJ and proprietor of Filter Musikk, Roland Lifjell is collaborating with Jæger and Frædag between June and September with four confirmed events in our basement, featuring guest appearances from Boris, Etapp Kyle, Kobosil, Jokke and Reeko, appearing alongside Roland Lfijell.

Filter Musikk has long been the bastion for DJs and producers in Oslo, with Roland Lifjell at the helm. Nestled in the heart of Oslo, the shop is where DJs go to buy records, and producers go for the latest in electronic music equipment and experienced advice.

Roland Lifjell is a veteran of the Norwegian clubbing scene who stepped into the environment as a DJ and went on to establish the Filter Musikk store, which has turned into a community of vinyl- and electronic music enthusiast today.

“This is their night” says Roland Lifjell of this community. “Making a connection between the record store and the music” the intention of these nights is to give “the whole thing a wrapping” with Filter Musikk’s profile transposed to the club.

Maintaining “a focus on what’s (happening) at an international level” through electronic music and vinyl culture, Lifjell and Jæger have booked some renowned artists and DJs that embody this philosophy to our intimate basement space. Presenting “electronic music on a smaller scale” Jæger “feels like home” to Roland Lifjell and was the “most natural” choice for presenting the Filter Musikk ideology,

More information will follow shortly, but  you can read more on Filter and Roland Lifjell in this 2017 article over on Monument.