Fredfades and Jawn Rice join forces on new LP

The Mutual Intentions boys combine their talents which you can hear on the first single from their new LP .

“It isn’t easy” premiered on Spotify today, appearing on the album “Jacuzzi Boys”, coming out later this year. Freadfades and Jawn Rice deliver a straight-up House track with designs clearly on the dance floor. Following Jawn Rice’s Highlights on the Mutual Intentions label and Fredfades Warmth from last year, this track falls somewhere beyond those two LPs, succumbing to the functional demands of a dance floor on this occasion.

Between Jawn Rice’s synth work and Fredfades samples it harks back to a simpler time in House music, stripping the genre down to its essential parts without going lo-fi. They showcase their combined experience as producers and “It isn’t easy” certainly has all the right ingredients to become an instant House classic.

From the warm chords opening up the track to those carefully selected vocal samples, the different elements fit together like a perfectly orchestrated puzzle. The vocal sample is an instant earworm and the progression of the track gives it the room to get familiar with listener without ever getting overtly repetitive and stale.

Fredfades and Jawn Rice have certainly caught everybody’s attention with this single and we look forward to hear what “Jacuzzi Boys” has in store.