Gay Guerilla and Jæger raises over 150 000kr for the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya

Takings from the door at last week’s Gay Guerilla’s takeover at Jæger has been donated to FRI in association with the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya.

A large group of people from Oslo’s LGBT community descended on Jæger last week, as this month’s choice for the “gay takeover” event, Gay Guerllia. Every first Friday of the month, a group of Lesbian, Gay, Transexual and Bisexual people create a pop-up gay bar in a venue with a largely heterosexual profile with the purpose to break stigmatised pre-conceptions of gay nightlife in the city.

Jan-Mikael Modig, Luke Schtele and Ole-Marius Walbækken lead a group of 3000-strong which can see up to 300 people join a single event. This is the second occasion they’ve chosen Jæger as their target and, like last time,  Jæger has pledged 20% of its takings on the door  to a worthy LGBT cause.

Gay Guerilla and Jæger raised 16 100kr fro FRI to be directed to the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya for the purpose of eradicating a law from colonial rule that still makes it illegal for two people of the same gender to engage in consensual sex. The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya’s first priority is to bring the case before the court,”and you can’t sue the state without resources” says Lina Tordsson, the international advisor for FRI.

FRI, the association of gender and sexual diversity in Norway have long been fighting causes like this on a global scale, without taking a cent in administration costs from donors. For the past two years NORAD have pledged 9kr for every 1kr donated to the organisation, and our 16 100kr will see 161 000kr go to the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya for the fight towards the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

You can read more about Gay Guerilla here and the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya and their cause on FRI’s website.