Greetings from Jaeger – The New Website

Back in 2016, we took a step back from the ongoing manual labour, dusted off our overalls, and saw that it was good. A month of renovation, remodelling our bar upstairs, building new restrooms and gutting the staircase made a significant impact. We were still polishing glasses while pumping those first beers from the new bar, and even Ola (he, who is always tinkering) took a moment to admire the handy work.

Only a moment though, because there’s always something to be done. In reality, those renovations never really ended. Work has steadily commenced with a splash of paint, a light fixture and even a wall appearing dotting the timeline since 2016. It’s an ever on-going process as Jaeger continues to evolve and grow, one that will most likely never see an end, but that’s just the nature of the thing.

There was one thing however that we’ve always been meaning to get to throughout it all, but had to neglect for more essential upgrades and changes. As the interior, the soundsystem and the DJs kept changing with the times our virtual presence receded further and further back into the past. Finally it got to  a point where it no longer represented what Jaeger had become so it was time to update our website. With the help of the very patient team at Baggy, we’re proud to present 2.0. We’ve been working on it for two years and with some delays, some false starts and some new beginnings, baggy finally put it together in two months.

It’s a virtual presence that now matches, or even rivals our physical attributes, and frames all that content we’ve been working on over these past years in its rightful idiom. It’s not merely a facelift, but comes with a few new additions that will put our residents, our events, the mixes, the pictures and our blog directly at your fingertips.

As in every aspect of of Jaeger our residents always comes first, and it’s always been our intention to have a dedicated home for our residents both in the physical realm and now in the digital realm too.You’ll find all of them on the resident page at, with their biographies, latest mixes and releases, and some very important links available. All 18 of them are on there like a trumps card pack, with links to each individual artist from there events.

Our events should also be more accessible than ever, with an option to add to your google calendar. (Updates with ical to follow eventually). For the longest time we’ve been fed-up with social media (especially facebook’s event feature) and the way it’s taken ownership over the internet. We spend a lot of time and effort on bookings, logistics and sound,and artwork for all our events to be formatted in some slow, basic html framework that looks as shit at it works. You’ll still find our events on facebook, but our website be catalogued further in to the future for the more musical curious amongst you.

Our blog will remain a focal point in this new addition of with the same kind of content, and more, gracing its pages, which will also including a dedicated page for the Jæger mix series. At the moment it’s still very much a one-man operation, but it has always been my intention in making the blog a dedicated music blog with features, interviews, reviews and op-ed pieces, not just for our residents and visiting guests, but for the entire oslo clubbing community and its music. A one-man operation won’t sustain this lofty ambition so we’ll be looking for contributors in this next instalment of

If you want to write for our blog email me at Whether you want to ask your favourite DJ some questions; talk about an artist or record you admire; share a story of a night out; or getting something about music off your chest; we’ve always wanted the blog to reflect the community. If words aren’t your thing however, and you’re more of a visual person, we’ve also got you covered, and our new gallery page is there for your pictures.

This is yet another new phase in this ever-evolving organism that is Jaeger, but like everything else it is and will always be a work-in-progress and together with the people at Baggy we’ll be developing the site more in the future. But now, it’s time to dust off the old overalls again, kick back with Daniel Gude and enjoy our handy work for a moment. Just a moment though.