Hear a new track from Frantzvaag

Frantzvaag is back with a new release on the Smallville imprint Fuck Reality with a premiere of  the leading track “I Skyene”.

Taken from the much anticipated Fuck Reality 05, “I skyene” is the first original track from the Oslo artist since his acclaimed 2016 release on the same label and it’s premiering today on Canadian site Bolting Bits.

Frantzvaag’s signature Deep House sound, tapering from the fringes of House music’s origins into a modern dialect are given a boost of adrenalin on “I Skyene”. Rhodes chords swell around an effervescent percussive arrangement that hint at Frantzvaag’s extensive experience in the booth.

Frantzvaag has made an impressive impression on Oslo’s electronic music scene since returning to the city and can be found regularly playing in Jæger, Villa, Ingensteds et al. An integral part if this current generation of House producer in Oslo, he’s slowly carving out a distinctive sound to the world through the Fuck Reality label which is sure to play a significant role in the future of the genre.

Fuck Reality 05 will be released on the 9th of May with a special launch event in Fredensborgveien. You can read more about Frantzvaag here.