Hear a new track from Ost & Kjex featuring Whalesharkattacks

Ost & Kjex cover the Tina Turner classic “private dancer” with vocals from Whalesharkattacks.

The track is streaming over on Dancing Astronaut today and takes the original into the present with a bouncy club interpretation with Whalesharkattacks embodying Turner through a pitched vocal.

Paying homage to the eighties classic, Ost & Kjex strip it back to it’s bare essentials with  barely a chord progression discernible as they turn it into a nascent club burner. Whalesharkattacks makes the song her own and it all pays dividends at the extended break as she croons “I want to be your private dancer”, before Ost & Kjex falls back into the kick-bass pattern.

“We had a fascination with Tina’s Private Dancer since first being exposed to it by Pat Sharp on Sky Trax in the 80’s”, says Ost & Kjex over at Dancing Astronaut. “Whalesharkattacks personifies everything that’s cool about the 80’s, so when we met her we knew we had to cut a version.”

The track which comes via Crosstown Rebels today is the first release from the duo since Freedom Wig, and comes a week before they and whalesharkattacks perform live in Jæger’s backyard for Musikkfest 2018.