Hear Charlotte Bendiks on the Uncanny Valley podcast

Charlotte Bendiks delivers a mix for the people at Uncanny Valley following her contribution to the RED compilation on the label last month. Our Ironi resident continues to play on the dark, sultry sounds of the club floor in this mix, something she has perpetuated through her music and sets in recent years. Eclectic, yet esoteric in its musical vision, this mix travels thruogh elements of House, Synthwave and new, Nu Beat in a restless and psychedelic hour of music.

There’s some congruity between the mix and her latest single for the label, as dark, deep undertones bounce through polyrhythmic, percussive arrangements in search of some psychotropic experience. “Pasco” sits alongside tracks from The Golden Filter, Mayan Gold and Katrina & Sneaker and is available now through most musical outlets, including bandcamp. You can stream that track below.

Charlotte Bendiks will be back at Jaeger this June for Pride x Ironi with Carlo & Selma from Group Therapy.