Hear Vinny Villbass’ newest track

Following on the success of last year’s Zip Zap, Vinny Vilbass joins us in 2016 with a new single on Eskimo. The Itch is one of many new releases the Norwegian producer and DJ has lined-up for this year, and features Vinny Villbass doing what he does best. Animated melodies and an infectious pulse come to the fore, with Villbass’ slick production hand baring his signature like a rubber stamp. There’s a hint of the origins of Techno in the Itch through that lead hook, while a House beat and a syncopated bass-line give the track that unmistakeable Norwegian feel. Two remixes, from Whatever/Whatever and Alejandro Mosso, tie up the release only emphasising the appeal of the original. The entire release is streaming today via Soundcloud and you can get your copy here today.