In the Booth with Olle Abstract

Olle Abstract, the don of Oslo’s House music scene and the man behind the New Norwegian Sounds podcast series has been the thermostat by which we often gauge the temperature of House music in the Norwegian capital. A larger than life presence, he can be found everywhere from Filter Musikk, sampling the latest releases from House music’s extended echelon, to the audience at Jæger listening to the newest talent in electronic music coming to the fore. He is also no stranger to our booth, and during a recent Nightflight we found cause to hit record, and today we have an enigmatic set that will be the soundtrack to our week ahead.

A four-hour set, that starts in the lower tempos and loiters around the visceral aspects of House music, where evocative melodies and vocals are a common thread, sampling a diverse selection of House music from the past to the future. There’s a palpable energy throughout the extended set that continually builds from one moment to the next, through jacking-beats, acid loops and hi-NRG synth sequences that will leave your spirits quite lifted as we stare the week ahead in the face.