Ivaylo airs mix on Sleepless

Jæger mix resident and Bogota records boss, Ivaylo steps in to the Sleepless studio for a mix.

Between prepping some exciting new releases for various labels including his own, Bogota records, Ivaylo headed over to the Sleepless studios for a mix of nocturnal pleasures. Keeping it deep, but effervescent, Ivaylo laid down a set with a signature Ivaylo touch.

Ivaylo delivers an upbeat mix even incorporating flavours of Disco, offering very little release for insomniacs, with the DJ also having one foot out the door to the club.

Ivaylo is back at Jæger tomorrow for his weekly Jæger Mix residency with Det Gode Selskab‘s Phillip Hinz as his special guest this week .