Ivaylo & Slammer team up for Hidden Origins

Ivaylo and Slammer release Hidden Origins via Cymawax today.

Arildo’s Cymawax gets longtime collaborators  Ivaylo and Slammer back together in this 12″, available today. Featuring two deep, melodic cuts from the production duo, “Hidden” and “Origin” doesn’t stray far from the sound of previous releases like “Breathe Easy” or “Guide Line”, but hardens the exterior of their sound for the purpose of the dance floor.

Jack-booted beats and tenebrous bass-lines contrast the brightwork offered by the melodies and harmonies for a more salacious outing for the duo. Trulz & Robin pounce on these aspects of the title track in their Tape remix, darkening the hue further in their interpretation of the original.

It’s the first of a series of releases from Ivaylo, the Jæger resident that sees him moonlighting on Cymawax and Cassy’s Kwench label before making a return to his own label, Bogota this autumn.

Hidden is available at Phonica today.