Ivaylo’s Bogota records goes Colombian

For the first time since establishing Bogota, Ivaylo has enlisted a Colombian artist to the roster. Atlántico House Caribe is a new artist  from the Colombian capital making his debut EP on the label that takes its name from the city. As serendipity would have it, Atlántico House Caribe’s sound is one that is perfectly suited for our Jæger Mix resident’s colourful perception of the musical world. Over the course of the two tracks, we find the producer in the grips of a Latin flair evoking the spirit of a beach party.

Giorgio by Carbone finds the producer in ecstatic rapture as a lead synth line reaches celestial heights through the steady percussive foundation that informs this House track. Beaming with colour and rich in contrapuntal rhythms Giorgio by Carbone is fervent with a Latin swing embracing the mood and the feel of the Colombian capital as an introduction. Tellstroem smoothes out the dynamic flair, taking the track deeper into the realms of the beat, exorcising those Latin percussive parts to take centre stage, and reducing the synth line to a single repetitive bar.

On the flip, Atlántico House Caribe keeps it funky with Oyelo Mango and its bouncy bassline that evokes the early days of Daft Punk and Filter House. Samples work alongside synthesisers in an incandescent collage of colour and sound. The Colombian producer remains upbeat with that Latin flair firmly ingraining itself on the record, before Demarkus Lewis turns it down a notch in deeper that deep PM mix. Over the two tracks and its remixes it introduces the young producer as a latent talent, with Bogota records calling in a new generation of House music.

* Ivaylo plays every Sunday with a guest to record our weekly Jæger mix residency