Jæger in collaboration with Monsters of Reality – The Mimesis Machine presents THE RITUAL

Is clubbing holy? Is God holy? Is love holy? Is trance holy? Inside a club, wrapped in the holy beat, one can act instinctively, reaching back to basic human desires.

During the Ibsen festival Monsters of Reality – The Mimesis Machine will bring Rafika Chawishe’s The Ritual to Oslo and to Jæger’s stage for a special exclusive performance on the 26th of September 2016 only.

“And in all these lands I have shown my mysteries, taught my dances and established myself as a God” (Bacchae, Euripides, 410BC)

The Ritual will be brought to you by Jæger in collaboration with the Monsters of  Reality who are:
Artistic leader and producer: Siri ForbergProducer and dramaturg: Marit G. Eggen
Production manager: Hans Voigt
Production assistant: Frances Gerono