Julia Govor goes beyond the booth at Jaeger

Julio Govor spends the afternoon taking us behind the scenes at Jaeger for her video blog series, beyond the booth.

When Julia Govor came to play a set at Jaeger this summer, she took a moment before her set to take camera behind the scenes at Jaeger. Ola Smith-Simonsen (aka Olanskii) took our Russian guest on a tour of Jaeger, talking about the soundsystem and the ideologies that have informed our club. It’s the third episode in the series from the Techno DJ and artist that takes her audience on an intimate tour of the clubs and venues she plays week in and week out, for a unique perspective of the inner workings of the clubbing community from around the world.

Julia Govor is the DJ and artist behind the Jujuka label and concept, and since releasing Litmus on Hypertone her star has risen on the international Techno circuit.  We hit record on her set when she was at Jaeger with Ida Nerbø, and you can stream the set now via Marco Bailey’s podcast, MATERIA.

You can catch Olanskii every Friday in Jaeger’s booth with g-HA for Frædag.