Make the people dance with Molly

A Rex Cub resident that’s worked her way through the ranks from the PR offices to the DJ booth, Molly (Emeline Ginestet) represents one of the new faces bringing French House music back into the spotlight. Alongside peers like Le Loup, French Fries and Seuil, Molly has brought a breath of fresh air to the scene with mixes that dig deeper through rare archives into the abyss of the soul. Able to go from the deeper corners of House to rarefied Techno, Molly’s DJ identity is tied up with digging and her inquisitive attitude to music has lead to very diverse sets on the floor.

Molly’s ability to weave together tracks from sultry House to tougher Techno has found her playing gigs at clubs such as Panorama Bar (Berlin), Concrete (Paris), Space (Ibiza), Amnesia (Ibiza) and Robert Johnson (Frankfurt). Not to mention appearances as far afield as Japan, Canada, Peru, Russia and Chile. She’s caught the ear of her peers too, and has been asked to remix and edit established producers like Radio Slave, Spencer Parker and Mr Tophat in the past.

In 2017 Molly released her first solo 12” under the Aku banner, and as “SB relief” churned through the popular consciousness, Molly established a reputation in the studio that has found a happy equilibrium with her career as a DJ. Deep and soulful with an engaging energy through syncopated beats, “SB Relief” feels like an extension of Molly’s personality in the booth, a definitive sound that the DJ has filtered and concentrated down into the recording of the 12”.

Molly joins us for Nightflight during our annual Øya Natt rituals this week and we took the opportunity to send her some questions about her work in the studio and in the booth.  

Tell us about your earliest memory of listening to a piece of music and thinking, “I want to do this”.

The first time I heard to electronic music was in London. This is where I faced a DJ playing and told myself, “I want to do this”. It was the atmosphere, the whole vibe… something you almost can’t explain, but it inspired me to start my journey into the world of music. If I had to name a track that really inspired me I’d say “Idioteque” by Radiohead really got me into electronic music and gave me the will to make some of my own stuff.  

Not taking into account the remixes and edits, your first solo effort came out this year, SB Relief. Tell us a bit about how that release came together and what it means to you to get it out into the world?

After last summer, i decided to get back to the studio in a more efficient way, and I focused all my attention on the production…I took the time to explore a  few gems I had and I think it was also the right time to finally concretise ideas I had in mind.

I spent the entire winter away from home, touring in the US and based in Miami. A place with the sun and the ocean, where you really relax and take the stock and this really helped me to find my sound and work properly on some music…

I made a couple of tracks there , without the pretention to release them but when I sent it to Benjamin from Yoyaku (someone I knew from before)  for some advice and feedback, he told me that he wanted the tracks! I did it because it did not put any pressure on me … I want to do the music I want when I feel like doing music … The more you put some pressure on you, the less you’ll be able to express yourself properly through the music and create something good!

What similarities and differences do you find going from the booth to the studio?

In the booth and in the studio is 2 separate things. That”s the reason why it’s hard to be at an accomplished dj and an accomplished producer at the same time. These are 2 differents process to approach the music … The only similarity is that in both you must create a Story and put your emotion into it.


How does SB Relief reflect what a Molly set might sound like?

Oh … well… Good question! I would say something smooth, with emotion which takes to a journey? This is my goal, and I hope people feel it like that.

What do you expect your set to sound like when you play at Jæger?

It’s gonna be my first time playing in Oslo! I never prepare my set and always try to read into the crowd and feel what they want and need to dance … So right now I can’t really tell you… :) ask me maybe 5mn before my set and I might be able to tell you more !

We will, but for now give us peek into your record bag. What are some of your favourite tracks you’re playing out at the moment?

I play many new records but also old records … There is some old Atom heart tracks, also some old Octave one, but also some from this label, Mörk,

You are a resident at Rex Club, but before that you were also involved in the PR side of things. If you would have to explain Rex Club to somebody that hasn’t been there before, how would you put it into words?

Rex club is the institution of electronic music in France and the oldest club in europe fully dedicated to Electronic Music. The club will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year! All the biggest artists in Electronic Music have played there.It’s only one room, not that big at the end, for about 700 people, pretty dark, low ceiling, with a soundsystem so clean that you feel like you are in your living room. Everything is about the music there! Once you get into the club, you really feel the history of the club, and the passion behind it.

The French House scene seems to be burgeoning again. We’re coming across a lot of new artists that we really enjoy here at Jæger. How have you seen it blossom through your career?

It’s true that the French house has seen some many new talents emerged recently… it’s really inspiring! It pushes you to create and explore different things… with the apparition of so many talents I think the world started to look toward the French scene again. It’s nice to see this interest and I‘m also very proud to be in the scene surrounded by so many talents. Why this interest? I think we have a different touch and groove :)

What, in your opinion should the role of a DJ be?

The role of the DJ is to make the people dance, no? Let the people forget them self into the music, give them a proper journey.

Play us out with a song please?

Tracey – Earthrise -Beautiful one !


*Molly joins us at Nightflight as part of Øya Natt and you can find out more about Molly on her social media page.