Listen back to Ivaylo on WAWH music

With two weeks off from our Jæger Mix series due to invited guests succumbing to flu season, our website has been far too quiet on the music front for our liking. But as if serendipity came and landed directly in our fortunes a mix passed our desk featuring Jæger Mix architect Ivaylo. It’s about time we had the Jæger resident take front and centre for this series, and although this mix is not quite that, we won’t look a gift horse in the mouth and his sojourn over at Why Are We Here will do just nicely, thank you. Ivaylo ventures into an icy metallic palette for this mix with his love for the deep coming through in airy synthetic chords and elastic bass-lines that snap around 808 kicks and crisp dewy textures, soothing the atmosphere all around it. It looks like the next Jæger mix has been pushed back yet another week, but at least we’ve got something to keep us company in the meanwhile.