Listen back to Olanskii on Pils & Plater

Visions of our illustrious leader are fleeting, rare occasions. He’s either shrouded in a pink/blue haze in our basement or taking on the form of a blurry apparition in between two states of being as he darts form one meeting to the next in search of that next booking. Some have seen him haunt the booth at Panorama bar recently, while others swear on spotting him alongside Tony Humpries at the decks over the weekend. We can neither confirm nor deny those allegations, but we’ve been given proof of his very existence today when his guest appearance on Pils & Plater arrived in our inbox today. Olanskii stretches his DJ muscle in this rare recorded mix for the Oslo radio station and proves yet again what 20 years of experience in the booth amounts to as he searches for a more soulful encounter with House music. Evocative melodies, contrapuntal rhythms and ethereal sound palette’s are drenched in the warmer tones of s as Olanskii quashes musical taboos going from House to Disco, breaking the line of separation completely between these two genres. The mix is now available to stream and you can download it here.