Listen back to Vinny Villbass (live)

It’s not often we get to put out a live session on the blog, so this is a rare treat: Vinny Villbass recorded live in our courtyard two weeks ago. In the spirit of a bootleg, we hit record to capture the live set. Completely live and unedited, this live set features some new and old material from the Sunkissed /Jæger resident, showcasing Vinny’s adept musical hand that stretches from the studio to the booth, and to the live stage. From dub rhythms to organic House, Vinny’s music bounds with joyous occasion and a happy disposition as he cultivates a very distinct mood.

It’s very Vinny Villbass mood, and the producer/musician/dj’s sound is completely discernible here. Melodies play in synthetic textures while polyrhythms are exercised through reserved percussive parts, infecting enough colour to the arrangements through piano stabs and improvised moments. Vinny brings a humanity to this machine music and sabotaging the strict electronic measures through vocals and human imperfectness. Check out his latest EP “Skauern” on Paperecordings featured in this set.