Listen Back to William Djoko

William Djoko’s enigmatic and esoteric personality lives on through this mix recorded in our basement for the Oslo World Music Festival. Occupying all those grey areas on the dance floor between House and Techno, Djoko’s set is broad and extensive moving through hollow tribal percussion, UK bass rhythms and esoteric vocals throughout the hour-long musical adventure. The Dutch producer’s African heritage – inherited from his father – can be felt too, most notably with Anbuley’s vocals at the beginning of the mix and the focus on contrapuntal percussive rhythms cropping up through out with an expressive vocal expulsion often offering an accent to the beat, from the likes of Fela Kuti amongst others.

Today it brings back memories of the tall, animated figure in our booth, constantly moving to the pulse of the music with the audience, a beaming smile never leaving his face. You can read more about William’s roots, dancing and his new single “Dirty Talk” in our feature “A William Djoko Groove” while you listen back to this mix.