Listen to an RA exchange with Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman talked to Angus Finlayson over on Resident Advisor about his extensive career for an Exchange session yesterday. Starting with the Secret Rhythms concept, the pragmatic German talks about labelling tracks, natural rhythm, working with Jaki Liebezeit, individualism, cultural imprints and Nonplace. Rhythm is recurring theme throughout the interview, and Burnt Friedman shares some incredible insights about cultural appropriation and music’s universal nature from the perspective of his own experience. Friedman and Finlayson discuss universal themes in music and art, rather than the minutiae of the artist’s biography, exposing Friedman’s mind rather than his career to the world throughout this hour-long interview in what is one of the most incisive RA exchanges in this series. – “There’s a promise in electronic music.”


* Burnt Friedman plays live in our basement next week wit Call Super and G-Ha & Olanskii fir Freadag