Mix of the Week: Errorsmith

Pronking African rhythms and  alien electronic textures come together in this Errorsmith mix for Factmag. A variable jumble of references and sounds make it into the mix, with a distinctly UK take informing the German DJ and producer’s mix. The mix follows his first album in 13 years, “Superlative Fatigue” which saw the producer continue his exploration of the  Razor synthesiser he helped design and build. The PAN album with its impatient rhythms and icy textures balancing on a knifes edge was unanimously hailed by critics and marked the long-overdue return to the recorded format for Errorsmith. It adds to a discography that includes his work with Fiedel as MMM, his collaborative project with Soundhack as Smith and Hack, and his lauded “Protogravity” EP he accomplished with Mark Fell.

Errorsmith and the various projects have never rested on musical laurels nor indulged common tropes in electronic music, as they travelled to the furthest reaches of electronic music in all shapes and forms and this mix puts much of that in perspective, which accomplishes the very same ideals through the music of others. It’s genre bending mix as Errorsmith combines clashing rhythms, jarring structures and the occasional vocal in a very precisely executed mix. Abruptly segueing one track into the next, Errorsmith crams an extensive tracklist into his hour-long set featuring the likes of Peder Mannerfelt, DJ Rashad and of course Errorsmith in the brief medley that transpires.