Mix of the week – Hunee

Brilliant Corners in all its audiophile persuasion, replete with Klipschorn speakers and high-end rotary mixer, inspires a kind of refined listening experience away from gnarling, aggressive club format that suits a DJ with an eclectic approach well. It inspires a certain DJ to flourish, a DJ with a kaleidoscopic vision of music, who is able to channel the energy of the place and the people in a selection that will entertain as much as it informs. Few DJs exist that can toe that imperceptible line quite like Hunee, and this mix recorded during a Resident Advisor event at the London venue is a magnificent show of his selection prowess.

Hunee is a DJ with an acute sense of music, one that has risen to the cream of the crop on the talent of a DJ alone, a unique feature in today’s producer/DJ landscape. A profound digger, whose musical selections spread the breadth and width of the musical lexicon, this mix sees the DJ move through more organic styles of music, away from the functional dance music we might encounter at peak time on a packed dance floor. The selection travels from progressive seventies western rock to South African bubblegum, with a focus on the fringes of the contemporary and the familiar.

*Hunee joins Øyvind Morken in May at Jæger. Watch this space for more details.