Mix of the Week – KSMISK

Recorded in Jæger’s basement during the first LYD showcase, is a live performance from Oslo’s latest intergalactic Techno voyeurs, KSMISK. KSMISK is the Techno alias of a prominent Oslo electronic music act, who have for the last few years have making uncompromising Techno for Thomas URV’s PLOINK label.

A combination of thunderous percussion and salacious atmospheres transported from a time of uncompromising Techno and electronic exploration finds its form in a modern dialect of synthesisers and digital production. After a couple of EPs on PLOINK and one on Arild Lopez’ Cymawax label, their debut LP, Mikrometeorittene was released last week with great anticipation. The geologically referencing album is constructed in some sludgy primordial soup where atmosphere and rhythm play off the other as a descendent of early Biosphere and Mental Overdrive.

They presented this new music for the first time at Olle Abstract’s LYD showcase in January, harnessing that uncompromising energy from their recorded works in the club context with vivacious and determined results as a live show. The spacious minimalists arrangements from the albums an EPs take on a more gruelling personality as unprocessed synthesisers and gnarling drum machines play off the energy of the dance floor and cascade off the other, trudging through hazy frequencies.

We recorded the set and yes, this live show, is our mix of the week.

*You can pick up a copy of Mikrometeorittene online at the PLOINK shop or in person at Filter.