Mix of the Week: Tommy Four Seven

Setting the tone for his RA podcast, Tommy Four Seven kicks off his set with a Broken English Club track, plunging into the moribund depths of the Techno genre. The stalwart DJ and producer favours a singular pursuit with huge industrial rhythms contrasting salacious atmospheres in one of the hardest hitting mixes we’ve heard since Kobosil played our basement last week.

Tommy Four Seven has been an immoveable fixture in the world of Techno since the early 2000’s, indulging the heavier, macabre corners of the genre with music that propitiate accessibility. As Techno’s popularity waned and gained through his generation, Tommy Four Seven has remained steadfast in his industrialised vision of the genre, and through labels like CLR and his event 47, he’s the original ambassador for the genre, keeping his finger on the pulse without conforming to public opinion.

In his edition to the RA podcast he distills this perfectly down through the mix. It comes a month before he makes his way to Oslo and Jæger for the second edition of the Triangle Showcase, hosted by Frædag on the 14th of September.