Badabing: Vaz & Villbass

Vinny Villbass and Daniel Vaz travel back in time to the start of 2019 with a mix recorded live in our basement during their first Badabing performance of the year. Playing after an entrancing live performance by Center of the Universe, the DJ duo went back to back for the last two hours of the night with a corporeal body set. Afro rhythms and space-aged synths made unlikely bed fellows for a set that streaked an effervescent course through House and Disco.

Daniel Vaz and Vinny Villbass have developed a unique style together in the booth under the Badabing banner and between their sets and the guests they bring to places like Jaeger, they’ve maintained an illusive spirit in the city. They’ll be back at Jaeger this weekend for the last Badabing of 2019 and on this occasion, they’ve opted for a resident showcase, taking the reins of the event all-night long.