In the booth with A:G & Thorgedur Johanna

A regular instalment at Jæger A:G is no stranger to our booth. His sets can go anywhere from laid-back disco to mind-melting Techno, a true digging personality at the heart of the DJ. Saturday’s Té Dans however was not to be another solo trip, and A:G was joined by a newcomer on Oslo’s DJ scene, Thorgedur Johanna. Thorgedur Johanna is an Icelandic classical pianist, for whom the DJ bug bit quite hard recently. Her musical training eased her effortlessly into this new form of creative expression, revealing a raw talent behind a set of decks.

Together A:G and Johanna keeps the mood deep and mysterious in this recorded set calling on elements of Jazz, House and even two step during the course of their hour-long set. It’s by all accounts a Té Dans set, calling on lower end of the frequency spectrum through down tempo tracks, but A:G and Johanna certainly make it their own introducing a darker element with a faint echo of a ghostly vocal and ominous pads eddying on the effervescent percussive beat. Make sure to catch Té Dans this Saturday as part of our Bypåske Festivalen where residents Coltsfoot and Ivaylo take over the reins for the entire afternoon.