In the booth with G-Ha & Olanskii

Waves of rhythms pass through a sparse electronic firmament like the aura borealis stretching out to an imperceptible horizon. Bass and percussion flow like celestial bodies untethered by Newton’s laws as synthesised dust arrives like intermittent static noise form a distant planet, lightly piercing  the wispy textures leaving a streak of sound like that of a night sky.

Leading up to Âme live in the basement two weeks back, G-Ha & Olanskii shared the booth for two hours, setting the tone for the night ahead. A set mostly comprised of the absolute limits of dance music it thrives in the mellow regions of the mid-tempo spectrum, as the perfect introduction to the Frædag guest of honour, and Innervisions label head.

Synthesisers find a unique dichotomy with ritual rhythms and organic samples,  built on a bedrock of an unwavering 4/4 kick. Taking their audience from those first tentative steps on the dance floor to the live show G-Ha & Olanskii go back to back in our booth for two hours. The set goes through various peaks and throughs of energy through the two hours with elements of break beat, acid, House and Techno all finding a space in this extensive mix from the Jæger and Frædag residents.

*Olanskii plays Nightflight alongside Francis Harris tonight.