In The Booth with G-Ha

G-Ha is the rock that every Friday is built on  at Jæger. Alongside his Sunkissed compatriot Olanskii, he provides the launchpad for every weekend at Jæger, diligently scouring the electronic music landscape week in and week out, to find the best new tracks to share with his audience. Whether he’s acclimatising the courtyard to whichever international guest we’ve got coming over or holding down the basement for the entire night, his sets are always distinguishable as a G-Ha set. From laid-back Disco  to high-energy Tech- and Micro House, his selections are always uniquely his, favouring a less-is-more progressive approach with an acute touch at the mixer, that strings the tracks along like singular narrative.

G-ha has been a fundamental figure in Norwegian House music, since his early days at Skansen, where his bookings have become and integral part of House music’s biography in Oslo. Alongside Olanskii he also established a another iconic and pivotal institution in Sunkissed as well as their Frædag residency at Jæger.

His attitude towards music is something that extends from bookings to his sets, a librarian like focus that looks for tracks that can compliment as much as they can stand on their own. There’s no mistaking a G-Ha set and in this latest recording from the DJ last Frædag we find a perfect example of just that. Going from sophisticated gnawing acid sound to dub reflections around icy synthetic structures, G-Ha goes quite varied in this set, but finds a common ground through the tracks and the similarities they share in their sonic aesthetic. Sweeping textures and cold metallic atmospheres conspire to create a lush void for the listener to fall into, and as always G-Ha’s mixing is perfectly poised, skilful and demonstrates that only comes from years of experience and an acutely tuned ear for music.