In the booth with Johanna Knutsson

“Let me take you on a journey”, suggests the vocal just half way through Johanna Knutsson mix recorded live in our courtyard two weekends ago. It feels like we’ve reached the possible outer limits of space through Johanna’s mix already, but it appears she’s not done with us yet.

We travel deep through the cosmos of electronic music to find the unusual and the unconventional dance floor tracks. For her stint at Jæger for Into the episode she stuck pretty close to a House palette and through her hour at the decks our journey was an intense and inspiring one, leaving us craving for more and thankful we hit record.

She’ll be showcasing more of her raw talent for those lucky few who will be making their way to Into the Factory later this summer, and this mix has certainly whet our appetite for our own Maze appearance, the official after-hours event for Into the Factory. You can read all about Johanna Knutsson’s Intense Obsessions in our interview with the Swedish DJ while you relive the experience through the mix.